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Corporate MSP Services

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24/7 Pro-Active Monitoring:

We Real Time monitor your entire network from network devices to workstations, servers, backup by our TekOutfit OPS team will be notified immediately when issues arise that may need to be addressed.


Remote Phone Support:

Have the same technicians that can address your questions via e-mail 24/7 and provide assistance with your environment on site or remotely. Our virtual helpdesk allows you to create, track, update and close helpdesk tickets by Email, Phone or by visiting the TekOutfit Web site


Productivity Monitoring/Management

On-Site Support:

If and when remote assistance is not adequate, we will arrange for your account assigned Tech which is a highly trained professionals to fix the issue onsite. After hours support even when you have questions, concerns or service needs after standard business hours, TekOutfit has 24/7 technicians that can address your needs.


TeleCom Services

Network Performance Monitoring

Server, Workstation Monitoring

Mobile Device Management

Switch Management


Firewall Management

Back-Up Software Management

Software Patch Management

Reporting Management